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236 Dundas St.
N6A 1H3

Phone: (519) 266-4096
fax: (519) 204-1861


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Lisa Hopkins
Lisa Hopkins style of yoga embraces a gentle, intuitive approach with an emphasis on safety and ease for the student. She began her journey into yoga in 1994 taking three classes per week in order to attain her goal of becoming a yoga instructor, and started teaching in 1998. Courses she has taken at Forect Academy, School of Mind Body Medicine: Yoga Teacher Training (2005), Path of Spoken Word (2007) and Yoga Teacher Prana Practitioner Training (2008). Lisa teaches Chair Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Recover Yoga and be hired for private intuitive classes. She would like to teach Yoga for Teen Girls and Yoga with Sound. Her interests are drumming, chanting, vastu and preaching.
Bizz Varty
Bizz Varty has a passion for the art of movement and the science of human motion. She has studied dance for more than 20 years, and began teaching when she was 17 years old. Her interest in fitness began at a young age and she has been practicing Yoga and Pilates for 15 years. Her teaching style combines the precision and efficiency of pilates and the philosophy and flow of yoga with the creative expression of her dance background. Bizz’s attention to anatomical detail and her fun, engaging instruction have earned the respect of students of all ages and backgrounds. Bizz has completed her Pilates Teacher Certification through Body Harmonics Studio, and in April 2012 completed her Yoga Teacher Training through Live360. For more info visit www.basicfitness.wordpress.c
Jennifer Havaris
Jennifer is dedicated to her son and her faith life. Yoga became a way in which to help her eight year old son with autism and throughout this process discovered a way too connect deeper with Christ. She is a certified
Holy yoga instructor and who would be honoured to teach and worship with you. Jennifer is the only certified
Holy yoga instructor in the city as well one of the very Few in the country.
Join her for worship and yoga here on Saturday's at 3:30

Akasha Kaur - KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Linda earned a diploma in Spiritual Psychotherapy at the Transformational Arts College and is a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She is recognized as a professional Registered in Human Relations (R.I.H.R.) by the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners. Before beginning her practice, she worked in the corporate environment for 26 years, developing a broad knowledge in group synergy and teaching, as well as accounting and computers.
She was introduced to two teachers in 1994 which changed the path of her life. Hari Nam Singh Khalsa, teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Bart Smit, a Deep Trance Channeler and Meditation Teacher.
Her life since meeting these two teachers has taken her on a journey of connecting with the heart, self and god/creator/source and uncovering the sub-conscious mind and how it plays a role in sabotaging happiness. She has travelled around the world to study with teachers such as SSS Yogi Bhajan, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyre, Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsh, Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D, Carolyn Myss, Joan Borysenko, PhD and Shakti Gawain.
Akasha continues to expand her knowledge and understanding of human nature and spirituality. She has successfully completed three Level 2 Kundalini Yoga courses out of five and is also trained in Kundalini Yoga for Addiction Recovery.
She has taught yoga in Toronto, Mexico and India.
“My passion is well being on all levels; Body, Mind and Spirit. Kundalini yoga, psychotherapy, education, meditation, healthy lifestyle and community are proponents of this passion.” Linda/Akasha

Robert Heffner
Rob has been practicing meditation for almost 20 years. His first retreat was at Birken Forest Monastery in B.C. 8 years ago, when he became an official disciple of the Buddha. In November 2008 he sold and/or gave away most of his worldly belongings to venture on the spiritual path once again in a more devoted manner. Returning to B.C. and Birken he embarked on a 5 ½ month retreat using his skills as a Chef to cook for the many monks and lay retreatants that passed through during that time. Rob has aspirations to become a monk in the future and often lives on 8 precepts. Rob’s primary belief is that all spiritual traditions point to the same essential teachings, the only difference to their depth is they use different words to communicate the same Ideal. The deep “scholastic” methodical and scientific method the Buddha used to teach the Dhamma is the main draw for Western analytical minds. Paradoxically, the Buddha’s concise teaching of “knowing the mind as mind,” lessens the strong-hold Westerners have with thinking too much, and over-analyzing life and day-to-day situations. Rob hopes to bring a sense of ease, peace, and laxity to people’s lives, so that life can be enjoyed from within, again...
Chantelle Diachina
Chantelle is a former educator, a busy mom, a speaker, writer/blogger and passionate community activist.
She has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and for the last 5 years has enjoyed teaching yoga to the London Police Service, at The Athletic Club and at various local schools and yoga studios. She has had the privilege of studying directly under Shri Yogi Hari and has attended workshops led by Seane Corn and Dharma Mittra. Chantelle is committed to personal development and guiding others to leading happy, fulfilling lives.

Shannon Braun
I am a long distance runner and Canfitpro certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. I have completed race distances from 5k through to the full marathon and began practicing yoga as a means of relieving chronic soreness and injuries suffered as a result of my sport-specific training.

I became such a believer in the benefits of yoga – not only for improving athletic performance, but for injury prevention and rehab – that I became certified to teach a unique program called Christine Felstead’s “Yoga for Runners.

Valrita Fournier
Rev. Valrita Fournier has been the featured psychic guest of CBC radio,
WDTR Public Radio and Psychic World Television (USA). She is a certified Spiritualist medium and healer and has
taught numerous classes and workshops in Canada and the United States, including the world famous Maplegrove
Institute in Indiana.
Valrita is available for private readings and personal coaching
at the Downtown Yoga Ctr, Thursday afternoons. She is also
available at other times for speaking engagements, and as a wedding and ceremonial officiant.

Ross Todorovic
Ross has been teaching and performing for over 12 years. His experience has led him to work and perform in many
different environments and many different countries. As a dancer his credentials include working in various studios throughtout the world. He has worked on cruise ships in Europe and in the Caribean. In 2003 Ross opened his own dance studio in London Ontario. He ran Studio Tango for
4 years, between 2002 and 2006. During that time in 2005 Ross was cast as one of the dancers in the movie, 'Take the Lead' starring Antonio Banderas.

In 2006 Ross closed up his studio and began performing and teaching around the world. Ross brings a fresh unique style to the world of Argentine Tango. Being both a high level Salsero and Tanguero at heart, he's able using fancy turn patterns while performing advanced and complex Sacadas, colgadas and Volcadas.

Ross recently moved back to London after being away working in the States for the last 4 years. He was in San Diego California coaching and choreographing routines for the Positive Energy salsa dance team. After 2 years in San Diego he moved to Las Vegas and began the first year teaching in a Studio while at the same
time performing with his dance partner at various venues throughout the city of Las Vegas. He was asked to dance in a performance produced by the Creative Director of Cirque du Soleil along with other performers working for Cirque du Soleil.

Martina Bijan
Martina was born and raised in London, Ontario. She was drawn to yoga as a natural transition from her career as a dancer. After studying the physical aspect of yoga for many years, her interest was ignited to delve further into the philosophy of yoga as a whole. She completed her first teacher training in Costa Rica (200 RYT) in 2011. Wanting to marry her love of travel and passion for teaching, Martina went to Europe and the UK where she has been teaching for the past 3 years. In Croatia, Martina began studying for her second yoga Teacher Training (500 RYT).

Martina understands that we all crave movement and expression of the body, no matter our physical state. Yoga allows us to do this while diving into a deeper sense of ‘self.’ She believes you can accomplish this through the practice of yoga by surrendering to the unknown all while still having fun. Martina’s Yoga Flow class is filled with relaxing yet playful sequences. Her classes offer safe and enjoyable asanas (physical postures) while inspiring a deeper interest in meditation and pranayama (breath work). She delivers a vibrant mix of postures aimed at gaining strength, flexibility while remaining authentic to traditional yoga. Martina sets a loving, nurturing and inspiring environment where all feel welcome and comfortable to explore their own individual practice. Whether you are a complete beginner, or a seasoned yogi, Martina’s class will invigorate the mind, body and soul. See you on the mat!

Sol & Luna Fusion Bellydance
Bellydance originated in the Middle East and is one of the oldest forms of dance in the world. It is very feminine and sensual, with smooth flowing movements as well as dynamic hip shimmies and isolations. It is firm and earthy, danced traditionally with bare feet connected to the ground.
Sol & Luna have been Bellydancing for the past ten years, and started performing as a duet five years ago. They perform a wide variety of styles including traditional and ethnic fusions. They design and make their costumes according to each choreography. They teach beginner and intermediate level classes in London, with the purpose of sharing this beautiful art with women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Melisa Boose
Melisa Boose, director and choreographer for B.i.M., is excited to be offering contemporary technique classes to the London community. Breath in Mvmt is neither funded nor formal - we are a group of people getting together in safe spaces to share and explore our stories through dance. We are imperfect; we are raw, bold, and unapologetic about our need for movement. We believe dance should be accessible to all bodies and minds and hope those that wish to strengthen their contemporary and improvisational styles join us in our Monday Mvmt Classes.
Recent Breath in Mvmt Work: Shapeshift (2013), Grey Matter(s) (2014)
Current Breath in Mvmt Work: TBD (2015) *this project will be inspired and partially created within our Monday Mvmt classes*

O.N.E. - "Originality Never Ends" - focuses on all aspects of the authentic hip-hop culture. We believe in living & educating the positive lifestyle of hip-hop by empowering our students, providing a physical & emotional outlet and encouraging them to express themselves with confidence.
At O.N.E, we offer a variety of hip-hop dance lessons including breaking, popping, house dancing, as well as choreography classes for all levels!